Cissy in front of flower

I studied art in college and got my MA in Fine Arts from NYU, but then I went the way of mathematics and got my PhD in Math Education from Fordham University. I put my artist self away for a lifetime: I did not draw or paint for over 40 years. I was a student, a nun, a mother, a teacher, and mostly a math education professor at SFSU for over 30 years. Unfortunately, I thought my life was too serious for painting. Finally I retired, and here I am—back to being my artist self! I am glad to be back home, in the world of Art.

When I am painting, I am engaged in my deepest self. It is truly a place that is different from the life of the mind. I am not thinking in this space. I am watching the painting and communicating with it–with the lines and shapes–and together we give the image life. This process of creation is very gratifying for me. Spirit, beauty, line, form and color come together; light beckons the eye; dark spaces create mystery and wonder. It is fascinating: what I see leads me on. Line and form beckon me to move and change the piece. This creative process is like nothing else I know. The themes of my paintings are landscapes, roots, flowers, math formulas and equations and spiritual journeys, sometimes biographical.

I love line—line creates movement in a painting more than anything else. I wind the line for delicacy, scribble the line for freshness and personality, widen the line for boldness or to set off a particular form. Line runs all over the canvas dancing over the form to create some kind of structure. My painting is never finished until I have drawn into it with pen and ink.  I am thrilled to be in the later part of my life in a community where I have so many opportunities for growth and friendship. Life is such an adventure! Enjoy my paintings!